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Televisions are the best way to spend our time by watching the programs which we wish for. We the humans of all age groups watch the television programs but there are different categories. The first set of people is the children who always watch cartoons and comedy clips. Children enjoy watching these programs and it is a bit hazardous too, because when they watch these cartoons or animated characters their mind fails to attain maturity and they follow the stunt characters performed by various animated characters. Another set of group are the women who watch all set of programs and shows in their home and mostly the home makers watch serials and cooking programs.

The demerit of serials are home makers make up their mind and get addicted towards those particular act they assume this to be a real situation and feel pity for those people who had enacted. This troubles our mind to be addicted on one specific situation which is not at all true and they tend to forget that those are imaginative serials. Today these serials are watched by the people all over the world of all age groups. Another set of people are the men who watch mostly games and listen to news.

They do not have much demerit to be listed upon and those are quite interesting to be viewed. Another sort of people is the youngsters who always listen to songs and watch movies at all the time and they watch dance and singing shows as well. Overall everyone wish to watch movies and reality shows. There are few sort of mischievous channels which must be banned completely or it must not be allowed to watch by the children. So television programs have more advantages but at the same time they have many disadvantages also.

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