Effect Of Mass Media

From generation to generation , the only successful profitable organization, which sets a platform for many indiscriminate talent. Owns its credit through mass media. In olden days , people used screens to view or enjoy various dramatical actions, Later they mostly enacted in front of the people , there by creating a kind of entertainment for the audience. Development in this field brought a new phase called or defined as the mass media which was showcased on television. The programmer which was showcased on television. The programmer were directly set in to a box like system, where the varities of shows were telecasted. Skilled designers and workers embedded a black and white screen on to this trending technology.

Later , the screens changed in to colourful , monitors where people spent their leasure times by sitting in front of the television. Each and every day different set of programs are being telecasted by the operator. These program include news, games, serials , dramas , cooking , movies etc. People from all over the world enjoy various programs. They could tune or switch on to their own shows at any time. The 24/ news access is the most competing feature in world television. Even though the television sets its mark for complete relaxation and enjoyment , there are many disadvantages in mass media. People tend to misuse or get distracted children tend to addict more or cartoons and other animation scenes, where they forget or regret the educational activites. Television must be watched only up to certain limit. So it is in our hands to make a technology useful of hazardous , it depends on our use , of that particular tool.

So , television has both merits and demerits it is based on the people who watching it.

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