Recently, opera has launched a new version of web browser for an android operating system. This latest web browser having lot of facilities and major updates. The company introduced a WEBKIT feature with this new version of Opera Beta version.

This new web browser for android looks very smart, more elegant and sleek look with good specification for android platform.
This new WEBKIT browser having the same rendering engine as that of safari and Google chrome web browser. Apart from this, opera introduced newly designed special dial feature for this beta version with configured all access to popular sites like Google, YouTube, Gtalk, yahoo, Facebook , eBay etc.

And even you can set your own personalized webpages too. This speed dial much fast and it doesn’t consuming more memory.
Even though this only a beta version, the people were appreciating strongly modified and enhanced browser a lot. And tab management also a quite decent and more faster while corresponding a opened web pages.

And its possible to reducing image quality on download while activate Off-road mode, it consuming less data and reducing image quality as well.


Features of Opera(beta) for android with WEBKIT:

Fast and easy:

  • The new version of opera for android which loads your webpages faster and it fits phone and tablet’s touch screen

Faster internet:

  • This browser is supercharges to provide an insanely high speed and consuming less data while activating Off-road mode


  • You can set you own personalized webpages in speed dial and bookmark them for future use also. If u need again you just open that web pages in just one click.

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