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All features of Google glass – a NextGen Technology

Google recently announced the NextGen gadgets, its named Google glass. The news is quite new but it spread as fast that am quite sure that you have heard about this new gadgets. If you not yet heard about this gadget, you can check Google’s videos on Google glass.

The videos capturing some people for their daily routine but with extremely powerful stuff. Google glass now have more facilitating them to snap a photos hands free, peak and send a message, voice translating,  get notification, get directions and search out all the things which you want by speaking.


This Hi-tech wearable gadget looks stylish and comfortable.

So we have researched about this and churn out all their possible features about this NextGen Google glass.

1.       Tiny and powerful

Google project glass is build on a vary tiny. It’s really amazing that how project glass team made powerful gadgets available in very less weighted device.

The package of Google glass is Bluetooth, gps, camera, Wi-Fi, microphone, touchpad and gyroscope that helps to track your head movements.

This tiny screen shows all the information and made all these features on your figure tips.

2.       Menu:

Google glass is having a well-organized menu which let you choose option from the tiny screen.

3.       reminders

This option lets you save your events in Google glass, this will reminder on your screen to notify you about the upcoming events, meetings, birthday parties, appointments, interviews etc.

4.       whether

Like any windows gadgets or any apps, Google glass will let you know about the current whether, and it will let you know the current whether forecast.


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