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Everybody out there, who are using computers, sooner or later you will run out of storage space on your hard drive. It usually happens, at first when you have just bought your pc or laptop, you have space and keep storing things but eventually as days go, you will need some extra space to store some more on your system. And now you need to upgrade your hard drive. If you were using 500 GB then you would opt for 1 TB or something more than 500 GB. After you have bought the new hard disk, you would want your old data to be on the new hard disk also. If you want the professionals to get this job done, they might charge you allot depending upon the memory of the data to be copied. There are many software available on the internet that can get the job done but they would want the upgrade to be of the same thing as that of the old hard disk. If the both the hard disk is going to be of the same amount of memory space and the same model, then these software can help you transfer the data from this old hard disk to the new one. This process is called the cloning of the hard drive.


Now we can do the cloning of the hard drive without having any limitations, and all thanks to the AOMEI Backupper. This software will help you clone hard drives without any problems regarding the size of the hard drives. No matter, how many partitions you have, you just need to specify everything on the software’s control panel, the source and the destination, and the rest is up to the AOMEI backupper to successfully copy everything from the old hard disk to the new one.

This software is available on its official website for free, there is no need for any serial key or license purchase, and it is a complete free utility software. You can download it from

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