porsche-911eHey all, this post is about my favorite car manufacturing company Porsche. The reason I love this car most is that the way they manufacture the luxurious cars and their designs. It was founded in Sluttgart, city of Germany in the year 1931. This company has more experience in producing tankers also. The tankers made by them are really powerful and efficient. Ever since it had a tie up with Volkswagen Company the car production has been increased in greater proportion and turnover of the company also raised many times.

In the year 1969, Audi together with Volkswagen. After the 20 th century in the year 2005 this company took 18.65 % stake in these two groups of companies. Let me tell you some consumer models and some racing models. Porsche 356 was the first consumer car which was introduced in the year 1948 and the class was sport car. The latest edition of consumer car is Porsche Panamera 970 which was introduced in 2010.

Porsche Panamericana is always the best model and my all time favorite car. Porsche Cayenne is the type of big car which gives a muscular look. Even this car is my most favorite. Over all these car are really awesome.

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