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The cloud storage is good, but this is why you can’t do away with the local disks

The storage for data system has been expanded into the world of computer and internet. The most widely used system is a cloud storage system. The cloud storage system is the one where you back up your files and data into the cloud. A service, which offers cloud storage are drop box, Google drive, sky drive and so on. The cloud storage is an effective way to back up any sort of a file in the local disk system.

Local disks do not require internet syncing:

Cloud storage use internet and it cannot be used in offline mode to back up your file on the external drive. Due to rapid growth in internet, the local disk system is effective in such cases.


Easy access to your data:

1. Without entering user id and password, you can have full control of your data.

2. Whenever you need it you can pick up the disk, connect it store and retrieve it.

3. Downloading your file can be delayed if the internet connection is slow.

No third party involvement:

The data which you have stored will be fully protected and confidential, because third parties are not allowed to access the file. There is no chance of hacking the data and contents because it is highly confidential.

Saves you some explicit cost:

1. Every time if you consume internet data the cost of data connectivity will be more.

2. A local disk saves your budget that indirectly consumes more money.

3. Most data houses require a package for storing the data along with your own data.

4. Without paying to anyone, you can store your data at any time.

5. You will not be a victim of sudden cyber attacks also.

6. The data stored in the cloud will be safe for the future also.

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