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”READER” facebook’s newspaper app

A website source has to say that the Facebook is working on a project which is very secretly handled. The source had to say, that there is an application of the Facebook itself called the READER. The facebook has been carrying out its work on this application for more than a year now. The application is called the READER because the purpose of the application is to collect the updates from the users friend list on the facebook and the pages, the user has subscribed. All these updates from the pages and users friend are put together in a format and displayed on the application in the form of news.


There will be a new user interface given to this application which will be very apt for the mobile device and easy to read from it. This application will be just like the Flipboard application. The Flipboard app gets information from different sources and puts it together for the user to read from.

The Reader application by the facebook is targeted to aim for more users to spend time on this application. Such that the facebook gains a position which cannot be overtaken by another social networking sites for years to come.

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