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The Apple had took another loss in its battle with the Samsung, well this time it was at the Tokyo High court. The hearing that took place in the Tokyo High court was for the use of Intellectual Property Rights between the Apple and the Samsung. And the court decided that there was no such thing to be found, and declares “Samsung has no intellectual property of the Apple’s on their phones”.

According to a report on a famous news channel, Apple had reported a complaint on the Samsung, that it was using the patent of the Apple’s for the synchronization of the music and the videos on to the mobile from the pc. The Samsung’s product is the KIES and the Apple had to say that the kies was having the patent as that of the iTunes. Also stated that the KIES software also provided services to cloud computing just like the iTunes. The US based company was claiming charges worth 100 million YEN.


Then the Tokyo High court confirmed that there was nothing as the Apple claimed to be there on the KIES software of the Samsung’swhich is also found on the galaxy series of mobiles. The verdict was in the favor of the Samsung and Apple has lost this one.

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