INTERNET EXPLORER 11 is confirmed to have WebGL and SPDY

It is a very long time, since now that there was leaked news about the under developing new version of IE, the Internet Explorer 11. Well the leaked news is now confirmed and the IE 11 is confirmed to have support for next generation WebGL and also has Google’s SPDY protocol, for more enhancement made to the browsing experience which was never seen before in any of the versions of IE browser.

This is an update which will be available in few days on the Windows 8.1. This leaked information was confirmed in Microsoft’s Build conference. If the IE version 10 has impressed you then you will definitely love the Internet Explorer 11, because of the WebGL and the SPDY protocol, there is support for more graphics and the web pages tend to get loaded faster than before.


Although the services that the IE 11 has to offer is already there on the Firefox and Chrome, but the IE fans would love this update. The WebGL will support for graphics on the browser using the hardware support of the system. This is technology that is being used on the Mozilla’s Firefox.

The SPDY protocol will help the browser get loaded in a very less time. This will make the browsing experience on the new Internet Explorer 11 allot more faster.

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