LTE is yet to be the PAST

After the 3G was introduced, there was allot for the mobile phone users to experience on their handheld devices. It supported video calling, faster internet browsing on the mobile phones.

3G was left behind by the LTE, also known as the 4G technology. This is more than what the 3G could ever be. The LTE supports high speed data transfer which made the world forget about the 3G mobile network.

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In the US, all the popular network offer LTE. The LTE services is available in almost all the major cities of the country. When this is the situation that is going on, with the LTE mobile network services, there is a company that is working on something faster than the LTE.
As far as I knew, LTE is a god’s gift and now people have started working on a service that will be double the speed of the LTE.

Qualcomm is working to get an advanced LTE technology, called the carrier aggregation. The company has made its chipset ready to handle the network speed, Snapdragon 800 is one such chipset from the Qualcomm. This carrier aggregation will make the phone to use two or more radio channels, so that it is combined to make the network speed doubled.

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