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WINDOWS 8.1: Updated Applications and New Add ONS

You will definitely not see any changes made to the appearance of the operating system mostly. But I think, 8.1 is all about adding up the existing application of the windows 8 and filling the gaps with some of the new applications which will be seen on the windows 8.1 update.

There is an alarm application on the 8.1 version. This something that is important if you are going to have a windows 8.1 tablet with you. There are all the features of the alarm application on it, the stopwatch, timer, repeating the alarm and the chime. There is a stylish circular dial for the alarm time set up. It would be even better, if there were more advanced options, such as the wake up to music, dimmer for the late night usage and all the fancy stuff that we see on the smartphones.

There is sound recorder app found on this update, which is just like the desktop’s version of sound recorder though has the touch of the windows 8.1 update on it.

windows_81_preview_alarm_1-100044072-orig (1)

The camera has also got updated, if you love taking photos on your tablet, then you would notice on the 8.1 version that there are some new options available after you have taken the photo. There is few extra editing options in addition to the cropping option from the windows 8.

The update on the internet explorer makes it possible for viewing and browsing of three web pages simultaneously on the same screen. All the three web pages are assigned next to each other vertically on the screen. This is new and really very helpful indeed.

The update on the skydrive has more to offer on offline. If you are having allot of disk space, then you can opt for making all the files available on the system for offline access of the skydrive. This option was introduced with a view for offline access of skydrive files.

Few other options like cut, copy, paste and renaming is also seen. There is not much difference made to the appearance of the skydrive but the icons in it have been reduced in size.


The image viewer on the windows 8 missed allot of option on it. In this update, we can see all the missing updates like viewing photos from the skydrive, and from social networking sites like facebook and can also view from picker.

The entire view of the windows store interface has been given make over, the entire layout has been changed. The apps are less crowded and offers a brief information about the application underneath it. And there are new apps added to the store that we missed on the older version of the windows store.

This is a new application, it has some amazing features that keeps track of what all you do and what do you need to do, to keep the body in shape and fit. It provides schedules for exercise and all the features that you would see on a premium fitness application on the trending application stores.

This is all that we noticed on the preview version of the windows 8.1, but the company has promised that there will be allot more to be surprised when the full version of the windows 8.1 will be released.

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