We all know about the importance of physical exercise in our daily life. And we all love to do it, it’s makes us feel fresh, energetic and moreover its dedicated to our work, it’s makes our body fit and even lot of other benefits. But in this busy world, we hardly missing this to work out daily life.

In this busy world, everyone looking for a work out plan which consuming less time and its provide more benefit.

Am glad to introduce about the workout plan which consuming less time for you, as well as me and other busy members out there.

This workout plan will take hardly 20 minutes of your precious time. For this workout, you only need chair and some time to do this scientific workout.


News time wellness blog call it has scientific 7 minutes workout, it consists of 12 exercises which should perform sequentially.

You need to do each exercise approximately 30 seconds, so the total of 12 exercises, it takes approximate 7 minutes to finish this exercise.

However, its original study recommended you to do this scientific workout for atleast 20 minutes. you get the maximum benefit, when you do this exercise 2 to 3 times.

Still you are not getting , how to do these exercise, please visit video demonstration from monica olivas from youtube. She will explain you how to perform these exercises.

This workout plan is more powerful and effective, so the android and iphone developers created a software and apps that will guide people to do these exercises.

If you are android users, you can install 7 minute workout free android app.

If you are apple/ipad user, you can install seven minute app

Hope this will help you to do these exercises, have a nice day   🙂

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