Top Tech stories of 2013

tech-issue6-crop-580-75Microsoft’s biggest bet ever: windows 8:

Microsoft being the top tech giant has released windows 8 to the market. It has brought up the success of the tech giant, because windows 8 were adopted in smart phones as well as on tablets.

Apple tastes $1 billion patent victory:

A California district court jury ordered a Samsung to pay a fine of $1 billion dollar infringement to apple.  Patent war is going on among the top providers and since nokia has owned Motorola, it is expected to contribute in patent war next year.

Facebook and the IPO tragedy:

  1. The world’s biggest social network is set out on its way to become one among the most valuable companies in the world by offering its IPO at $38.
  2. By later analysis, it was estimated that the most publicized IPO of the decade turned out to be a disaster.

A troubled Apple:

With the release of apple iPhone people had much expectations, but later everything went out in vain. The top headline after the release of the product was that it had poor working conditions. They are still under the improvement process.

Decline of Intel:

Intel the world’s largest chip producer’s sales have declined for the first time due to its inability of faster adoption. The completion of Intel products is under process due to certain problems with license.

Internet kills SOPA:

The stop online privacy act called SOPA was introduced to control the websites for security purposes. The internet joined hands together along with other popular websites to protest against such acts.

Flame- the biggest virus ever:

  1. The world’s largest cyber attack has been uncovered due to discovery of flame.
  2. This virus was sized 20 MB for cyber espionage in the middle of two countries.
  3. Researchers concluded that this massive virus was a product of the government-backed projects.

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