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Top 10 enterprise database system to consider


This was the first commercially available software in 1979 as a relational database management system. This database system is powerful but yet it is complex to use and still more than 500 companies are using this software.


SQL server:

  1. The collections of Microsoft are interested in their perspectives.
  2. If Microsoft desktop operating system is used everywhere then you are sure to run the SQL server.
  3. This server is the easiest choice for the firms, because of its availability.


This database runs on Linux, UNIX, windows and main frames. IBM has released DB2 9.7 to compete along with oracle.



This adaptive server enterprise product is still a major force on markets after 25 years of success. This has also thrown a stable position in the mobile enterprise market.


This was started as a niche database system for developers, but has grown rapidly in the market. It powers commercial websites by a huge number of applications.

Postgre SQL:

  1. This is the world’s most advanced open source database.
  2. It hides certain places such as online gaming applications, data center, automation suites and domain registries.
  3. It also undergoes control over Skype, yahoo and my space.

Tera data:

Teradata laid a platform for a large data warehouse enterprise in the late 1970’s. It created the first terabyte database for Wal-mart in 1992. Tera data are the first enterprise data warehouse.


This is another product of IBM released for limited developer edition. It has made the leap to the corporate world to take no1 customer satisfaction.


This is the parent open source project of PostgreSQL. This lowers the total cost of ownership with high flexibility and also incorporates security feature.

Amazon’s SimpleDB:

  1. This database enables a simple, flexible and inexpensive alternative to traditional database systems.
  2. You can get started with this simple db free along with Amazon’s ec2 offering.

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