How to add a sidebar Gadget in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows sidebar:

Windows sidebar is a useful tool that can display a variety of gadgets permanently on the desktop. These gadgets or apps are mini programs, which performs a particular task. For example, you can use the clock gadget to see the current time or use can use a feed reader to read the current news feed. On the other hand, there are other gadgets available for windows to fulfill your needs. Some of the gadgets which are used commonly are calendar, CPU meter, picture puzzle, Weather, stock and currency.


How to add or remove the sidebar:

  1. In windows vista the sidebar comes along with the installation of windows, but you can hide the sidebar display by right clicking on the sidebar icon in the taskbar and then click exit.
  2. If you want to open the same sidebar, again on the desktop then perform the following steps.
  3. Click the start button, click all programs, then go to accessories, and then click windows sidebar.

Adding a sidebar gadget in windows vista:

Adding gadgets to windows sidebar is a simple task. First step is to click on the + symbol which appears on top of the sidebar. Now choose any gadget of your choice and double click on it to appear on the windows sidebar. After installation, the gadget will automatically appear on the desktop.


Adding a sidebar gadget in windows7:

  1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and click on the gadgets.
  2. You will get the same gadgets window similar to that in windows vista.
  3. Now you can add or remove any type of gadget on the desktop.
  4. Similarly, if you want to add a new gadget or mini app then you can easily download and place it on the desktop.
  5. These gadgets will help you to view mini tasks on the sidebar.
  6. You can also place the app or gadgets on the desktop.

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