How to activate flip ahead on IE 10 for a better browsing experience

Internet feature:

Windows 8 and other metro UI have better touch screen features, but now when you are a user of such device you want to do each task with a single tap or a swipe. In the same content, we can also find the feature that fits for internet explorer 10. This feature is called flip ahead and once if it is activated, it allows you to navigate to pages on the website with the single swipe or a tap.

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Flip ahead feature:

The flip ahead feature works only with internet explorer in the metro mode only. It is not available for desktop mode. To activate flip ahead in metro mode follow the given steps. Bring up the charm bar when the application is up and navigate to setting domain. The setting pane will come up and click on the internet options after clicking another pane named internet explorer setting will be shown. Look for flip ahead and turn on the button to activate this feature.


To activate via desktop mode:

  1. First launch the internet explorer in desktop mode by opening in the windows explorer then follow the given steps.
  2. Navigate to the tools menu and click on the internet options.
  3. This will bring up a dialog box of internet options and then switch to the advanced tab.
  4. Now scroll down to browsing section and tick mark the option reading enable flip ahead.
  5. You will see a message about your browsing history being shared with Microsoft.
  6. You will finally end up by activating the flip ahead feature for the browser.
  7. The feature will work only when the user is in metro mode.
  8. With that, you can navigate to pages on a website with a single swipe from your finger.
  9. For non-touch devices, you can use the buttons to scroll.
  10. Flip ahead is small but a useful feature.

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