8 terrifying future cyber crimes predicted around 2025

Digital identity kidnapping:

  1. This way of kidnapping will be advanced and instead of holding a family member as hostage, the kidnappers will hold your payment system hostage.
  2. This will be like some form of encrypted currency.

Embedded bio-electronic tampering:

This type of hacking is very dangerous, because once we have embedded chips that let us send a text by thinking or enable us to see a video in our view, the hackers will enter into it to cause physical harm or even death.


Cyber stalking by 3D hologram:

Criminals will be able to contact you not just online but also with a 3D hologram that shows your actual residency. The hackers can tap into the connected home and track all your public events.

Hacking into your car:

  1. In the future, hackers might disable the engine, cause the car to stop suddenly or speed up without any warning.
  2. Car hacking will become more common for the upcoming years.

One country takes over the other via the cloud:

In the future one country can capture the other that is one country can steal the infrastructure of government systems, storage, tax collection, criminal records and so on in the cloud for attacking.


Disabling the power grid:

You can have control over heating and cooling via smart phone apps, this may cause the hacker to disable your machine with one single click and demanding the payment of power.

Mobile data leaks:

There will be a massive increase in mobile data storage in the future. The hackers can leak the data on a mobile device. Your personal data can be leaked, because most if your works are stored on your smart phone.

An attack on you:

  1. There will be a trend to cause damage for one particular person.
  2. That is the hackers will infect the phone, finance and life of one particular person.
  3. There will not be any destruction when the users are in groups.

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