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Mega launches of cloud storage services

Mega storage:

Mega is a cloud storage site and an updated version of the closed file hosting site mega upload. This was launched recently garnering around 250,000 users in its first operating hours. Due to some copyright problems, the US officials due to its hosting of scads closed the mega upload. After all such problems the company has again landed to launch with the help of mega upload founder Kim dotcom. This new site currently works as the cloud storage system, which is similar to that of drop boxes.


Response of the users:

  1. The users had given a huge response after the opening of the site.
  2. Due to the large number of traffic, the site has been set unavailable periodically.
  3. It has also caused plenty of mega upload users to wait to access their 50GB of their cloud storage.
  4. Dotcom has recently announced to twitter stating about the new released of destroying website.
  5. It has also stated that more than 250,000 users have registered officially on the website.
  6. The huge memory capacity of the cloud will attract the users over a large range.
  7. People will also prefer to use this website and there are chances for the dropdown community to sink, because the mega storage has been predicted to attract all the customers in the future after its official release.


Security level:

The high volume has caused the site to be accessible only over an intermediate range. The officials in dotcom have assured the users that their men are working towards the balance of the load. They have also promised that this will not be a massive problem for the users in the future. The security of the cloud storage is very high due to the mass storage facility. Therefore, the users do not have to worry about the security of their personal data, which is stored on the mega cloud system.

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