Chose the best headphone for your kids

Griffin kazoo my phone review:

The cost of this headset ranges from $19.99 onwards. The headphone has built in volume limiting circuitry and control sound pressure down to recommended levels, which is safe for the kids. The headphone can fit the child’s head very easily and it is recommended by the auditory heath organizations. The device is available in various colors and it helps to reduce noise leakage to your ears. The core is 1.2m long, which is litter longer than average headphones.


Griffin Crayola my phone review:

  1. These headphones are a bit smaller than normal headphones and they are adjustable.
  2. This updated headphones come in a choice of pink or blue and the kids can design their own stickers.
  3. You can control the volume is controllable.
  4. You can also get 40 color stickers to stick around the headband.

JVC HA-KD5 tiny phones:

This headphone also restricts noise leakage. They are built in 4 and above ages. The core is 0.8m and they are available in various models. You can use these headphones as per your own comfort. You can also stick any sort of stickers on the band and it will attract many kids as well as the parents. The headphone is quite large and it is a little difficult to fit the kid’s head.

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Ifrogz animatone headphone:

  1. This set of headphone rocks the animal theme up to a great extent.
  2. They are available in three models such as red ladybird, blue snail and green turtle.
  3. The design is kids friendly and they have foam pads, which is comfortable to the ears.
  4. The headset also offers animatone ear buds for children and they are hard to find now a days.
  5. One problem with ear buds is that they have been tied up in knots just by looking at them when they are out of your heads.
  6. It has built in volume limiter and it will not play audio above 85 decibels.

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