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Iaas VS Paas VS Saas: how does it relate to cloud computing?

IAAS Vs Paas Vs Saas:

  1. These acronyms are used very often now a day is especially if you are doing a research into cloud hosting.
  2. These acronyms refer to various layers of cloud computing.
  3. It is the way of running applications, developing programs or backing up your data with the use of the internet.
  4. Cloud computing is characterized into various layers and the top most layer is called software as a service (Saas) , and the middle layer is called platform as a service (Paas), and the bottom most layer is called infrastructure as a service (Iaas).

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Layers of cloud computing:

Software as a service is the common layer that probably most people are familiar with Saas application can be accessed only through the web and it cannot be hosted via the local server. Instead, you need to log into your Gmail account to use the application. If you have run any Google, apps or Netflix then you have used the Saas products. The users who have internet connection can use this layer. It is impossible to use the applications without the data connectivity.



  1. Platform as a service is the second most and the middle layer in the cloud computing.
  2. This layer contains cloud layers as well as virtual layers along with the operating systems.
  3. You can create, manage and deploy any type of applications in this layer.
  4. There are many portable cloud operating systems, which can be used as an alternate operating system and you can use it on your desktop.


Infrastructure as a service functions like your server without the actual cost of powering a server on the site. It takes the function of hardware proving you with networking and storage services. You rent software for a certain price and you can use the server on your forums. You can access the whole server only through cloud.

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