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Top 10 cloud applications for small business


This powerful cloud app helps you to manage on demand customer service by arranging all customer tickets into easy to use interface


Ad blocker plus:

  1. This is a plug-in for Chrome and Firefox.
  2. It blocks most of ads while loading the web pages.
  3. Ads are the main cause of malware infections and no need to resolve the expense that has happened with the computers.

Zoho creator:

Zoho creator allows you to easily create and manage custom databases and applications. There is an easy to use and drop interface for the business people, who cannot afford to have an on-site database administrator.



  1. This can hold both local and international calls without any redundancy.
  2. You can use it on your laptop or on your mobile service.
  3. It is less expensive when compared to your mobile phone plan.

Base camp:

  1. This site allows you to collaborate with the team members and to talk about the project status of organizations.
  2. Project owners can easily track the current status of their project.

Go meeting:

You can have face-to-face meetings, webinars and so on with the help of this software.


Social oomph:

This mixes the functionality of a social media management tool with the tracking ability of analytics tool. This site is easy to use and the small scale business team can keep track of their online reputation.


  1. This cloud helps you to have a functionality of the full HR department without the expense of additional people.
  2. You can easily keep track of all the information, where you and your employees can update at regular intervals.

Fuse bill:

This cloud lets you know about all your accounting information that has happened in the business sector.

Box me up:

This app works as a virtual storage room. You can store and retrieve all your stock details with the help of this cloud.

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