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How to back up data to cloud storage

Need for backups:

There is a need for the corporate and the normal businesspersons to back up their data safely and securely. There are two ways for your devices to lose the data and it may be either device loss or device failure. According to a recent study, 2 million laptops were stolen on the previous year. So, more than 1000 employees’ details were lost, but the cost of the laptops did not affect more. Only large set of data was lost and it was never recovered. At the same time only few laptop data was backed up.


Steps to backup your data:

  1. First step for data backup is to make up a set up for the data.
  2. You need to purchase a set amount of backup storage and number of users.
  3. Then you assign your backup user allocation to specific users working in your firms through their email accounts.
  4. After setting this configuration, each user should download the agent to their laptop, tablet or Smartphone and they should complete their one-minute set up process.
  5. After this set up the agent will continuously run on the background by monitoring your system for changes.
  6. It checks your internet connectivity and sets up the schedule while performing each task on the system.


Data Encryption:

When it thinks that the data has to be backed up, it processes the data for duplication and encryption. When you work on some particular file, then the agent backups only the changes, which you make on the application and it, will not reflect the changes to the entire file. The government has adored a standard encryption key for maintaining the top-secret data. The data is backed up during the presence of internet connection or on demand. You can have complete control over the backup policies. You can store daily, monthly or weekly policies as per your convenience.

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