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2 tips to make text stand out on your iwork keynote presentations

Importance of presentation:

Creating a presentation, text and images are very importantly similar to that of documents. Sometimes we tend to underestimate the text of our slide shows when we need to perform a couple of small changes to make it stand out as unique. There are a couple of tips, which can make your text stand out on your presentations when you work using iwork keynote. This will also help you to ensure outstanding presentations at the time of meetings and conferences.


Make text stand out from any background:

  1. When we produce a text color similar to that of the background then we will think that this will not be noticeable along with the background color.
  2. Therefore, it is better to change the text color and the background color to be different.
  3. First step is to present a text uniquely with that of background color and the next step is to insert an object into your slide.
  4. For doing this, you can use the shape button.
  5. Once the object is inserted, stretch it to fit your slide and cover the text.
  6. Then make it to appear in black color and click the back button to switch it on the background.


Make a text segment stand out from the rest:

Instead of having a sentence on your slide you can have an entire paragraph that is very important and long. The best thing to do in this type of scenario is to make some parts of the text to stand out with style instead of resorting to simple methods like highlighting or just underlining the text in question. You can also use certain unique fonts to highlight your presentations. The above tips will also help you to align your document in an outstanding way by simply highlighting various segments.

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