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Quantum and conventional computing

Conventional computing:

  1. To understand conventional computing let us take modern digital computers and their ability to perform a multitude of different applications.
  2. Our desktops, laptops smart phones, live videos, chatting etc. has taken us to the world of 3D environments.
  3. Such functioning of the gadgets happens within a fraction of seconds.
  4. This power comes from the immerse speed at which they are able to perform.
  5. Computers have the ability to perform billions of operations in less than a second.
  6. These operations are too fast that they allow us to run complex high-level operations up to a great extent.
  7. Although conventional computers are very good, still complex calculations seem to be difficult.
  8. Examples are image recognition, natural language and so on.
  9. Therefore, the progression in this area has been slow and the prototypes that we do have working usually require very large supercomputers to run them, consuming large quantities of space and power.


Quantum computing:

This is a different approach to designing the computing systems, because they are different from the conventional approach of transforming the bit strings of 0’s to 1’s. In this computing technique the materials, tools, processors and architectures are very different. The way of programming in computer systems is very different from the other computing techniques. To illustrate this take an example of a switch, which resides inside the machineries, it has the ability to store all possible configurations in memory, and moving them around inside conventional processors to calculate if the guesses are right or wrong. Quantum mechanics can give an end to this type of cases. The idea behind the power of quantum computers is that you can put bits of information into a superposition of states. The qubit is one such bit, which remains in both true and false positions. The state of qubit is undecided, because its value differs. This concludes that using a quantum computer, our lights can be ON or OFF at the same time.

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