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Net apps outline strategies for data management across clouds

Net app outline:

  1. The net app uses its clustered data ONTAP operating system for providing high-level cloud management across any private or public cloud resources.
  2. It has been found with universal data platform, which gives us an introduction of technology for cloud portability and to deliver high-level solutions for the customers.
  3. The release of new multi cloud architectures has made difficulty in governing the data because data is distributed over the cloud and it is not controlled.
  4. The experts are looking forward to create solution to manage large enterprise data with the clustered data ONTAP operating system.
  5. This architecture will also increase the data storage of customers irrespective of their data type or location.

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Use of net app:

The net app has the capability to integrate its software into existing and forthcoming private cloud, large-scale public cloud and hyper scale cloud service provider solutions for organizations. It can also optimize the delivery of speed with high flexibility in the public cloud. Moving of data and workloads across an instance of data ONTAP is carried out through universal data container. This adores a multi cloud environment thereby enabling new and innovative hybrid cloud architectures by boosting up the efficiency of IT sectors.


Features of net app:

  1. The net app will discover new solutions that will transform hybrid app in a more efficient way.
  2. This will integrate more business applications in the cloud with new converged infrastructure.
  3. It has secure cloud backup, and disaster recovery solutions.
  4. The net app supports all types of cloud operating environments, virtualizing the frameworks, application deployment models and cloud management solutions.
  5. The experts are also looking towards key areas for contributing their way to open stack and cloud stack and also to have new partnership with large scale hyper scale cloud service providers.

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