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Tools used for cloud based invoicing and time tracking


This app looks neat and pretty and most of the business sectors use this app for varied purposes. A business expecting on additional functionality can rely on this application. You can create estimates, purchase orders, and schedule their invoices to be sent at a later date or time, track your time and so on. It also stands out in custom development services that they offer. You can customize your invoice app for your business and additionally your expenses can be added to estimates to give a better picture to the client.


Fresh books:

  1. One invoicing app that has multiple peers on current trends is fresh book.
  2. It has good support over customer support where the people have a toll free number to contact their customers and have immediate assistance with a live person an there is no automated response.
  3. You can use this app for invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, quoting and so on.
  4. It also has integrations with various platforms for real time servicing.



This time tracking tool has good user interface and is available for reasonable prices. It can also synchronize your smart phones when online accounts are available and stores local data. It has all types of accounting tools, because it has a limited number of invoice templates available. This platform independent app can be used anywhere for business purposes. This app costs around $12-$99 each month.



  1. This app is another small business accounting tool.
  2. It helps to perform basic business tasks like managing inventory, payroll, etc. When it comes to online invoicing and time tracking, the app is less uncomfortable for usage.
  3. The app is huge and can fit your entire business to complete the tasks.
  4. Payroll option is available along with time tracking and the app has great dashboard, because it has self-explanatory tools.

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