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I still cannot forget that day, my friend told me all about dropbox and I had no idea what was it then. After I heard many talking about it, I thought of giving it a shot. By this time, I realized where I was staying behind in this competitive world. As a free user, I registered myself and opened up an account in dropbox.

Here’s, how it works, I guess everybody is aware but still if there are people whose local isn’t Earth, and then it is a storage available remotely wherever you go. You can store things on it, any kind of file you feel that is important and might want everywhere you go. If you have dropbox installed on your pc and have put files into the dropbox when connected to the internet. These files can be accessed anywhere using the same dropbox account provided that it could be any device having the dropbox application running on it.

Initially it was just 2 GB of space available in the cloud. I have allot of apple products, which is that I use. The dropbox folder is always available in the finder, on my mac. Whenever there is something to be put on to the dropbox, it is easy to get it done. And I can access it using my iphone from anywhere with the dropbox application installed on the device.

The Dropbox phenomenon is so much popular that many other similar cloud storage services are getting battened by dropbox. The dropbox is said to be the best cloud storage facility, there is no other like its capability available in the market. The rate at which it has grown can make it huge in years to come. The position that it has earned in the market and all the users who are using dropbox, they just love it.
Dropbox is said to be platform friendly, no matter what is the platform of the operating system, the dropbox is available and it very much lighter than other cloud storage services.

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