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Nokia’s new phones run on arch rival Google’s Android

The lenders new smart phones run on poSture competing Google Android.

As we all aware about the Nokia and The MicroSoft company both are having the mindblowing reputation at all over the world. Few months back the nokia and the microSoft rejoined their hands for creating quake in the world i.e. to create the boom at all over the world. They will be giving the exact definition of the Technology(i.e. what is technology is all about).

At an event in Mobile Globe legislature in Spain’s capital, Nokia declared three mobile phones powered by Android OS, a cellular OS created by Search engines. The organization has released the

smart phones,Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

nokia x, xl

Google and MicrOSoft organization are competitors in the smart cellphone industry. This has led to rumours that Nokia X smart phones may not survive for long. In mOSt of these marketplaces,Android rules — in Indian, the company is around 90% — and Nokia hopes to woo consumers with the Android OS tag attached to its smart phones.

These smart phones have moderate hardware requirements and are likely to be priced between Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000 in Indian. The Nokia X is likely to be available in Indian next month, while the other two smart phones will be available in Q2, 2014.

Nokia is using the free version of Android OS, which is free to modify. It is not using Search engines solutions like the google Play store, GMail and YouTube that need authorization from Search engines.

Nokia has replaced parts of Android OS with its own solutions like Here charts(maps) and will ship the smart phones with its own app store. It also joins to a number of MicrOSoft organization solutions like Skype. This is very purpOSeful because with Nokia X family, MicrOSoft organization will be able to reach individuals it has never discussed to before all over the whole world,” said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

Elop is expected to rejoin MicroSoft organization after the American organization finishes its acquisition of The lenders cellphone company by the end of this quarter.

Nokia faced calls to create Android OS smart phones from experts earlier but it steadfastly rejected. Instead the organization joined in a collaboration with MicrOSoft organization to specifically create MicrOSoft windows Phones this year. In 2010, Anssi Vanjoki, who was heading The lenders smart cellphone department at that time, compared using Android OS to “peeing in pants” for short-term comfort.
But experts say that Nokia has been forced to opt for Android OS by industry facts. “Nokia might be a little late in releasing Android OS devices but this move makes a lot of sense especially in marketplaces like Indian. There is lot of growth in sub-Rs 10,000 smart cellphone industry and with Nokia X range of smart phones, the Finnish organization is hoping to cash in on the Android OS popularity in the growing marketplaces.

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