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Lately I have been searching for the ideal video converter that could help me convert videos form DVD to the MP4 format, I could find many software available online which could get the job done. But something was not right, I just did not feel that the software suite was a complete one. And then I saw this video tutorial of the movavi video converter, it did not only teach on how to convert dvd to mp4 but also found out about all the other features that it had.

It was then, I downloaded this video converter suite by Movavi and installed it. It gets the conversion done just like that, not much time consuming. All you have to do is, select the file which needs to be converted and there is wide variety of preset options to select from, select one and then watch the video converter getting the video converted in few minutes.

I know, that it sounds the same for all the video converters out there on the web but this software has the best user interface, I have ever seen before. Video conversion was never this easy and this might sound pretty funny to you, but what is the harm in giving it a shot. Try this software once and then you will get the hang of it

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