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There are many times when a person loses his or her USB cabled or any other charging cable at times when they need it the most. Such people who have the habit of losing USB cables do not have to worry anymore. Nomad Goods popular for producing products that would be useful to everyone has come up with yet another product to reduce your worries.

About Nomad Clip

Nomad Clip can act like a handcuff preventing your USB cable from getting lost or like using a climber’s belt to prevent a climber from falling off the mountain. Previously Nomad Goods introduced a carabiner which prevented their ID cards and keys from getting lost. Nomad Clip can be seen as an improved version of that carabiner. The Nomad Clip uses the same concept and provides almost a similar functionality as the carabiner. It is made of a steel frame and polycarbonate plastic shell to hide a pop-out USB charging cable. When the charging cable is latched into this shell, it would have no chance of falling out. This would prevent your cable from getting lost when you are charging it or when you are taking it along with you while traveling.

Cost and other information

It costs about $29 and is expected to come out this November. Nomad Clip is available for both Apple MFi-certified Lightning versions and for micro USBs of other devices in the market. However it is not advisable to take it while climbing high altitudes because if you find yourself trapped on the side of the cliff then there is a good chance that the cable might fall off along with the Clip. But since such an occurrence is rare unless or until you are a mountaineer, it makes this Nomad Clip recommendable.

This product is carefully designed especially for those who frequently travel and misplace their cables. But just because a cable will always be inside our house does not mean that it will never get lost. It will also be useful for those who never take their cables out.

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