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There are many web hosting companies like GoDaddy and Big Rock. Google has now set its foot in this business with a new service called Domains which it launched a few weeks ago. It offers many lucrative features and it is easy for anyone to buy and mange domains using Google Domains.

What is this Google Domains ?

Domains lets you set up your website email address and provides reliable hosting. Hence it has now become possible to build websites without having to leave the Google ecosystem. The whole process and experience of buying a domain using Google Domains is so simple and easy. The sites that are built using Domains will be routed through Google’s own DNS which makes provides an easy and fast navigation to and from the websites. It is certainly promising to become a popular web hosting company among bloggers and website builders. This is a good news and a bad news.

Advantages of using Google Domains

The good news is that now it is possible to build websites without having to deal with other terrible companies in the market which make it a tedious and awful experience. When you build a website using Google Domain you will automatically get 100 email addresses and upto 100 custom sub-domains. The bad part is that this allows Google to take too much of control. By stepping into web hosting business, Google can now force all the website owners to embrace it’s ad services and it’s enterprise technologies like Drive. This can allow Google to get a complete monopoly over the Internet which is generally considered to be a free resource.

Whether Google uses this business idea for obtaining a complete monopoly or to help its customers. Bloggers who want to improve their website building experience and the quality of their sites will surely benefit from Domains.

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