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AskMe app – One Place to Get All Your Answers

Written by Sean Holmes

Do you have smart phone? Are you in search of the best app that fits your smart phone for each and every purpose. Here is the answer for you. As we all know, all our Android devices such as smart phones and the tablets are equipped with large counts of apps that includes games, fitness apps, business & finance apps, dictionary apps, magazines, social media apps, and the list goes on much and much more.


For example, consider the following scenario, Suppose you have planned the weekend out with your family. What will you do that time? Obviously, you would wish to search for shopping places, movie, book dining table that lies nearby your locality or you search for the thing near the place you wanted for. Now for each of them you need to use a different app. It becomes so much frustrating at the time of searching.

Recently, last month I came to know about the most useful AskMe app through my friend and he asked me to download it in my smart phone. When I used it for the first I was all surprised to see how amazingly it works. This is your one stop app to know everything. I would like to share some thing about this useful interesting works of AskMe app that is explain below.

AskMe app is developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. that has been available for free on Google App Store as you can make use of this AskMe app for totally free of cost. The attraction of this app is that, this app has got the complete details of millions of businesses with in your city.

All you have to do is that simply download the AskMe app in your smart phone that occupies just 6.95 MB of space and also ensures that the less loading time for the app. As soon as you open, go to this app, it would scan for your city and would load all the information of businesses around you. Be it your nearby courier office, Pizza shop, book seller, restaurants, movie hall, malls, shopping complex etc.

You will be asked to enter what you are looking for. For example, courier office or a cafe. Then you need to enter your locality and tap the search button. Within seconds this app would show results for your search query.

Follow these thing and get to know about the required things near your locality in a couple of taps.

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