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In recent times Microsoft has not done so well in the devices and gadgets market. This has caused them to invent many weird electronic gadgets that are unheard of. This category includes a robotic butterfly that can interact with wearable devices. This is designed to become a user’s mechanical damon

What is this mood detecting butterfly bot ?

For those of you who do not read fantasy tales you could be wondering what a damon is. It is a physical manifestation of a human soul. It is like creating your own spirit and giving life to it. A confirmation of such a project came when the U.S Patent and Trademark Office released a patent application filed by Microsoft. This application showed that Microsoft has been working for 2 years to create a spirit robot which looks like a butterfly.

What does it do ?

This patent gives furthermore explanation about this spirit robot. It can fly around the user, detect their emotional state either by using a wearable device or an app and respond accordingly. This is meant to be a device that works based on our health and moods.

Example of its working

You can understand the working of this bot by reading this example. Suppose you are talking a walk on a warm sunny day then suddenly a big, black dog jumps in front of you and begins barking. This butterfly damon would detect a rise in your heart rate and finds out that you are in stress. Then it will immediately start fluttering before you and change colors in an attempt to cool you down. This will not protect you from the mean dog and there is a good chance that you could get bitten by it in the meantime. This bot just detects your mood and calms you down so that you won’t do anything foolish when you are being attacked.

The scope of application of this mood based spirit bot is not clear yet. Microsoft has released many innovative products in the last few years but not all of them have been so useful. One has to wait to find out if this spirit bot will be more than just a flashy innovation.

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