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Many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are making rapid progress in the area of mobile payments. However, they are not doing this really for the sake of their users. The real intention behind these ideas is to benefit their advertisers.

Recent trends of advertising in social networking sites

The most challenging thing for any social networking site today is monetizing it and generating a steady revenue from it. If you are gonna charge a fee for the services you provide then your business is doomed. This is the reason why social networking sites embrace advertisers and encourage buying or selling through their site.

Problem with advertising

But these advertisements can sometimes cause resentment among users. When Instagram started advertising in its site, it caused anger among its users as it slowed down the website. Later, this anger turned into a resigned tolerance. This goes to show that this is the way of the future and that the advertisement culture is the only way to generate cash for these social networking sites. All the users can do is remain tolerant towards this growing trend.

Embracing the advertisement culture

Facebook has always been welcoming to advertisers and embraced this culture almost from its inception. This has made many others to follow their lead. The newly formed Snapchat, a company that Facebook tried to acquire, is slowly but surely falling into this trend. Twitter which has been very conservative by not opening up to advertisers has also given in to this bitter reality. They have now started to allow advertisers in and in the future it is expected that many more advertisers will make their way in.

It has become clear that social networking sites are turning into digital storefronts that are used as a marketing tool by advertisers. But the success of this new trend depends largely on the acceptance from the user and in making these ads less disturbing.

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