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The over-the-ear headphones was originally designed to be used in homes and recording studios for listening to music. All of this started with Sony’s Walkman which was the first to commercially introduce such a headphone. Now Betabrand has introduced new Audio Engineer’s Hoodie. This is made of a speaker fabric which comes with a hood so that the headphones can be worn over it. This is meant and designed for all, not just for the recording studios.

How this Hoodie is made?

Hoodie’s side panels are made out of very thin and porous fabric that is used to make the front panels of the speaker.The fabric is made of a highly elastic material and does not dampen or affect the audio quality. Thus you can wear this Hoodie, put on your headphones and still enjoy a quality sound experience. This entire Hoodie was carefully designed by a sound engineer Nic Pope.

Components of Hoodie

The great audio clarity and clear sound effects aren’t the only feature of Hoodie. It is aimed at sound professionals and plenty of people who love listening to music. This Hoodie has many pockets for stashing flash drives and adapters, a loop in the left pocket for securing a carabiner full of keys and even draw some technical diagram on the inside pocket to wore the audio cables.

The Betabrand is producing this Audio Engineer’s Hoodie and is a part of a crowdfunding initiative. 20 hours after its launch, it has been pre-ordered by many people to help it reach its funding goal. It costs about $150 per piece. This hood, in a way, will help those working in the studio to remain warm. It can also be useful for those who want to stay anonymous while setting up the instruments and gears onstage. Hoodie’s success largely depends on its funding and how it will be received by the masses

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