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There has been a growing craze for T-Mobile since its release in 2011. It has been making many exciting offers for its customers which has been creating a great deal of interest among the customers. Also it has making some weird partnership like with Sprint and some company named Illiad. But there is something about these T Mobiles that makes it so appealing for people of all ages.

AT&T buying many small companies

AT&T tried to purchase a subsidiary of T-Mobiles for $ 39 billion in 2011. During the same time, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary was one the verge of being driven into extinction. The company was following the “acquire and expand” strategy towards its customer. Not to mention, T-Mobiles is facing a lot of threat and competition from their nemesis iPhone. Now that Verizon is teaming up with iPhone, the competition is expected to become more and more serious in the days to come. But it seems like Illiad and Sprint are racing against time to sign a deal with T-Mobiles. But whoever achieves a dominant position in the smartphone market will have to do it by making good partnership deals with carrier companies.

Race in the carrier market

Also, it is clear that AT&T is trying to grab a major amount of share in the US market. They are also looking to bag a big amount of shares in the carrier market. There are some big companies in this market like Verizon and Sprint. It is looking to acquire Sprint so they shouldn’t face too much threat from them. Verizon is the only compelling threat which is looking to take the market away from AT&T.

AT&T has a complete monopoly in the telephone market some many decades ago. They are trying to achieve the same position in the market by launching new phones and by trying to acquire other small carrier companies

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