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Malware in social networking sites

Ever since the inception of the concept of social networking many sites have come and gone. Sites like Friendster and MySpace were popular once but now they are not even known to many people. Facebook is one of the few social networking sites that has managed to stay on the top since its creation. There are many reasons that contributed to their success.

But, perhaps, the most important one is that it was considered to be trustworthy. Facebook users always believed that their information was safe with them. However for the past five years or so many security concerns have broken out and most of them have been resolved. Some of them still linger around. Also, with every year many new problems are
springing out.

Wrong links and other threats

In recent times, a lot malware links have started to flood the news feeds of the users. This has now become concern for everyone. Bitdefender, the popular antivirus firm, has released a list of malware links and softwares in Facebook. Some are obvious and others undetectable, unless the users are professional hackers themselves. This is mainly because of the ignorance of the site.

Many adult tapes of various popular users are getting released which has caused a great problem for these celebrities. Not just that, some links for tracking your stalkers are designed for hacking into your account. These malicious users won’t just stop with that, they would go all the way into your hard drive and make you pay for your mistake. Others claim that they can change your Facebook theme. Well they do but also gain illegal access into your account.
Facebook claims that they never approve such links or apps and that, users should be more careful. They also add that users should know what type of information they are giving up before submitting it. This is true, however, because no malicious user can attack our account if we stay safe.

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