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Life in wheelchair is a little tedious than normal life. But these differently abled people on the wheelchair have achieved things that could cause others to envy them. With time, many advancements have been made in this wheelchair technology to make the life of these differently abled people easier. The latest among these advancements is the introduction of the new ultra-light wheelchair which is very easy to use and can be folded just like a lawn chair.


It weighs only 38 pounds making it the world’s lightest wheel chair. It also includes an electric motor and a rechargeable battery which makes it easy for moving around. As mentioned before, it can be folded just like a wheelchair. This makes it easy to fold it and toss it into a trunk if incase you want to take it with you while traveling.

Working of this wheelchair

It has a very high speed of about 6 miles per hour and can even go upto 8 miles per hour. The speed can however be programmed to make it slower. It can be steered by using a pair of joysticks which are found on both the sides of the wheelchair. This is much similar to the working of the zero-radius riding lawnmower.

Release and other features

This ultra-light wheelchair will hit the market this summer. The cost of this simple-to-use wheelchair is yet to be known. It comes fully assembled which means that you don’t have waste any time setting it up. Just unpack it from the box and start using it straight away. For people who have never had the experience of piloting a wheelchair there is a beginner’s mode to help them out. This allows them to master the steering of this wheelchair at slow speeds before speeding it up. With this amazing technology, the life of those who need a wheelchair can be made all that more easier.

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