Apple and Google Tablets Turning to Microsoft’s World

Apple and Google Tablets Turning to Microsoft’s World: A very common abstains is that tablets are for usage and laptops are for productivity. And they live in a parallel world, i.e., they shall never meet. Microsoft has tried to remove the gap between Windows 8 and the surface but its efforts have been meeting with general contempt. But now, tablets have flat lined its sales and PC has been stabilized. Tablets have wooed the market. And now Apple and Google want to cross this bridge into Microsoft territory. Apple with the iPad Pro and Google with all new Nexus.
Tablet, Laptop and iPad Sales: Tablets sales are chilling off. They are good enough for a lot of users and there seem to be little incentive for consumers who tend to buy the same again. Now, the Market data is expecting that Tablet growth is going to be flat. Whereas, it expects PCs to grow 5.6% on the same markets. Rival research company NPD has forecasted that larger tablets are hovering to grow and it will take market share from smaller tablets –from 2% share this year up to 12% by 2018. We can see the stastics in the image below.
Buyers have realized that it they are going to purchase a new device with a large display size, they should be able to work on it. A plethora of cheap Windows PCs is going to enter the market showing that Laptops are going to be the smartest than ever before. On the other hand, iPad sales have dropped two straight quarters. Apple is planning to reverse that scenario by putting more emphasis on selling iPads to businesses. Likewise, Nexus has modified its keyboard for a better experience for the consumers. This change emphasis more on the device to be more focused on the productivity.
The race is on to see that who can create the superior converged device. Either Google and Apple, or the tech giant Microsoft?

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