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HTC One M9 (the desired things-part two):

Written by Sean Holmes

A few more things which the users of HTC devices would like to have in HTC M9:

1. Water and dust resistance: This is just another way to keep it protected with dust and water resistance. It might survive in water but would certainly be reassuring and now that Samsung and Sony are both water and dust proofing their phones there’s little excuse for HTC not to do the same.


2. More of a health and fitness focus: Fitness and health are the two main concepts of today’s modern world. Likewise, many Smartphone too have considered this as a serious issue. HTC though doesn’t seem so interested and that it’s missing a trick, especially if the market for fitness focused tech continues to grow. Sure a heart rate monitor and UV sensor are hardly essential components of a Smartphone, but it would be great to see a little focus on fitness software from HTC, rather than it relying on third party solutions, as HTC has done with the M8 by simply including the Fit bit app.

3. Lots of power: There is a need for a lot more power in the HTC One M9. But specs sell and while HTC’s flagships are always powerful they’re not always quite as powerful as the competition. So there are firm possibilities of upcoming changes. HTC might put in an octa-core Snapdragon 810 with 6GB of RAM or at least it matches bigger brands like Samsung or Sony.

4. A better design and build: Design is one of the things HTC has done best in recent years; with the One M8 rivaling even Apple’s products, but it could still be better. There’s that black bar below the screen for instance. On the original HTC One that housed some capacitive buttons, but they’ve gone from the HTC One M8 so it no longer serves any visible purpose. There may well be some internal reasons for it but it would act as a cherry on the cake if HTC could find a way to remove it. HTC could also improve the buttons, which feel a little plastic on the M8.


5. More storage: HTC has wisely added a micro SD card slot to the M8, but additional internal storage does no harm. Apple now offers 128GB iPhones, so it is expected for HTC to bring about a large storage capacity. Do that while still including micro SD support and users could be looking at a phone with 256GB of combined storage, which is far more than most people are ever likely to need, but we’d rather have too much than too little.

6. Category 6 LTE: 4G is taking off in a big way, but while current phones are equipped to support the fastest speeds people are likely to get in most places right now, they’re not particularly future-proofed. That’s why it would be great to see HTC put Category 6 LTE support in the HTC One M9. That would theoretically allow it to reach download speeds of around 300Mbps, which is double what most current handsets can manage and should make it a viable handset right up until 5G arrives.

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