Mercedes Boosts Its Indian Portfolio By Introducing Two Stunning Cars

Mercedes Benz cars are known for its iconic features of tall, rectangular headlights and three pointed star on the hood. Mercedes has tried to shed away its image of being accessible only to the wealthy industrialists and businessman by introducing new line-up of highly efficient and affordable sedan cars for the Indian buyers.

New Sedan Cars Launched By Mercedes

A few months ago Mercedes had launched the S-Class luxury sedan which was sold out as quickly as it was introduced in the showrooms. Though these cars were launched in a fairly competitive segment where it faced stiff competition from the Audi cars. These two influential cars are the CLA small sedan and a small sport utility vehicle GLA.


The Mercedes CLA car shares Mercedes’ standard design.  It is the AMG variant with the flared nostrils along with multiple exhaust pipes. It has a remarkable small engine with only a 2L four-cylinder with 355 horsepower.  It primarily offers front-wheel drive machine but when needed the 50% power could go to the rear wheels. This AMG version of the CLA has bunch of exclusive features, which are not available in the standard variant, which is expected to be launched in January. With such exciting features, impressive engine power and elegant design this car is just rightly priced at Ra.68 lakh.


Mercedes had launched two variants of the GLA SUV namely, 200 and 200 CDI powered by normal engines, the former is a petrol variant with 180-odd horsepower and the later is a diesel variant with 130-horse power. It adequately balances the power and looks within a small SUV. It is based on the same platform as of the CLA, it has the same roof design and standard panoramic sunroof and it is more spacious than the sedan. Its ex-showroom price is at Rs. 32.8 lakh only.





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