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LG to Play the Upper Hand in Phone Displays with its Bezel-free Screens

Written by Sean Holmes

LG has made its mark on the electronics market with its exceptional feature incorporation in its mobiles. Display has already been a strong weapon for LG and it has never stepped back from flaunting this through its smartphones. It has minimized the bezel to almost zero in its new model, which is planned to launch the next year.

Additional features for exceptional display


The LG G3 successor will don this amazing display with very little bezel. Presently it is being flaunted by the company on a 5.3-inch screen that features a 1080p display. The border is almost negligible with only 0.7 mm, spread off the display glass. The thickness of the border is comparable with the thickness of a pencil lead.

G3 will probably be the first phone to feature this new display

Rumors are there that G3 will be the first phone to feature this display feature. This minimum bezel which LG market as the Neo edge technology has a special adhesive that acts as the game changer. This layer of adhesive acts as an ideal substitute for a plastic frame, thus minimizing the bezel. The added features like dust-proof and water-resistant display will attract more customers.

Sharp Aquos Crystal is the only phone that featured an almost zero bezel before LG brought it to live. But LGs credit lies in the fact that they came up with a much better display than Sharp’s 720p and that too on a large screen. Aquos Crystal has a 5-inch screen. The bezel-free technology will surely be a game-changer in the market of large screen phones. This will pull down the overall screen size of tablets and large screen sized phones. With all these, amazing display features from their storehouse LG can claim that their phones are the slimmest.

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