Top 5 Racing Games for Your Android Phone

Written by Sean Holmes

Do you own a Smartphone? Are you an Android user? Have you got a craze for fast track, chilling racing experiencing games? Then you have come to a right place. It is quite not possible for someone to own a Smartphone and he has still kept himself away from such deadly racing games. Here is a list of top 5 Racing Games for your Android phone. Read and install them all:

1. Asphalt 7: Who doesn’t own this? Almost every other phone has already installed this racing game. Asphalt seven is the latest part of this series, each one desire continually latest and best therefore, it is highly recommended racing game to have immense fun and pleasure. While playing this game you’ll be able to cowl accelerator by touching the screen, terribly awe-inspiring dominant is enabled for this game. It has a ton of options then same it’s an excessive amount of huge in size. You must have at least 2 GB space in your Smartphone to run it.

2. Real Racing 3: This is one of the most deadly games of the season. This game comes with beautiful graphics and car descriptions. This game is the perfect choice if you are keen on gaming on your android device. As all cars racing games go, you progress and unlock new levels, races and in fact new cars. It’s very heavy on memory, therefore take care you have got enough space to store the game additionally as powerful hardware for the most effective game play performance. It has incorporated a variety of authorized vehicles and it provides you a correct expertise of a real racer. If you’re a car and racing enthusiast, you must definitely give this game a chance.


3. GT Racing 2: Another nice wanting racing game from Game loft is GT racing a pair of. The sport actually tests your driving skills and you get to play over 1400 events together with classic races, duels, knockouts and overtake. You’ll be able to opt for exotic cars from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more. Rather like Asphalt, the sport comes with a multiplayer mode wherever you’ll be able to contend with players from everywhere the world.

4. Riptide GT 2: Riptide, the renowned motorboat racing game, currently incorporates a sequel with Riptide GT 2. The game options one player career mode and on-line four-way multiplayer mode. The most effective half is that you simply will earn points to shop for and upgrade your speedboats. The game involves you to perform stunts throughout the race. The career mode has regarding 30 races and numerous game modes like sprint for soapbox positions, hot lap, and elimination and race events.

5. Turbo Racing League: Turbo racing League relies on DreamWorks Studio’s motion-picture show Turbo that relies on a personality named Tito the snail who aspires to be racer (yes, ironic). the sport involves you to form a racing snail so swipe the snail round the track that is launched from a slingshot. The track has power boosts that create your snail gain pace and you would like to collect the scattered tomatoes on the track that permits you to upgrade your snail.

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