Toshiba Satellite Click 2 (part I):

Written by Sean Holmes

Everybody knows that Toshiba is one of the leading tech companies with mostly producing laptops and tablets in a very high range. It is one of those companies that dare to experiment with the shape of laptops. You yourself can try to look at the company’s small portfolio of convertible laptops alone and decide to review the Satellite U920T with a screen that slides into place and the screen flipping Satellite Radius. While many of these designs are novel, many of them have fallen to the wayside being either too weird or unwieldy for its own brilliance.

Now Toshiba has just updated one of its only hybrid designs to get a second pass with the Toshiba Satellite Click 2. It is sporting a detachable screen and the Click 2’s splits into a thick 13.3-inch tablet and exceptionally thin keyboard base. When compared to the last model, it was founded that Toshiba has now refreshed its laptop-tablet with slightly news looks, and more importantly, a more powerful Intel Pentium processor. Now the question is if this is enough to fix the ills of the original Click or this is the Click 2 destined to fade into obscurity like so many hybrids before it.



The Click 2 is an odd looking laptop. With a screen three as times thick as its keyboard base, it looks lopsided compared to your traditional notebook. Strange questions will come up in your mind like whether the laptop is upside when you’ll place it on a desk. While the Click 2 is rather top heavy, the hinge is strong enough to hold the screen in place – that is when it’s sitting flat desk. If you are trying to type with the Click 2 by letting it sit nicely on your lap might cause the display to wobble back and forth, though, not violently enough to cause the machine to tumble away from you instead. Now this is something really disappointing.

When compared with the previous Toshiba Click, this new model is decidedly squarer especially on the bottom edge of the screen. This is flat base allow the screen to stand up when it is not sitting on its base. Unfortunately the Click 2 does come with kickstand, so you will often look down at the screen, unless you place the hybrid on a particularly tall, neck-high surface.

It is also a bit awkward to wrap your hands around the wide 13.3-inch tablet-laptop. If you are holding it horizontally, mind this! Your hands will constantly split at a chest’s width. If you will turn the device vertically, you will notice that the tablet tips away from you as its edges dig into your palms. Toshiba has also made a poor design choice by placing the speakers on the backside of the screen exactly where you rest your fingers whilst holding the tablet.

One of the strangest things about the Click 2’s design is the majority of its ports are located on the sides of the display including the mini-HDMI, SD card slot, and USB 2.0 port.

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